Goture 180 LED 12V Submersible Fishing Light

The Goture light appears great from this facet, with hefty rubberized end caps that match the tubing . Unlike lots of the additional lights we looked in, this producer provides a depth rating on this unit. Be aware that if users report fogging or mist at a mild, it's frequently condensation of moisture from the atmosphere sealed to the light which will happen when the light has been dropped into cold water, but it doesn't signal leakage. The replaceable 5-sided light module includes 36 LEDs to both sides and sets out 900 lumens onto a 0.9-Amp electricity draw.And while this light is just about 4 inches long, is amazingly bright. The light can be observed even 8 feet in the murky water. The lights can be found in white, green, and blue colours. We enjoyed the compact dimensions and light weight of the mild, but it could have been nice to see it include a longer fall cable along with a cigarette lighter adapter. Nonetheless, it's a heavily-built mild that provides great qual…